Cowboys news: A hint at how much Ezekiel Elliott wants in his new contract

The Cowboyshave reportedly offered  to make Elliott one of the top two highest-paid running backs in the NFL, but not necessarily the highest-paid.

We think that's a good enough offer for Elliott to end his holdout, but Mike Thomas, of the LA Rams, clearly disagrees.

In terms of the Cowboys’ reported offer to Elliott, consider that the Jets' Le’Veon Bell and Rams" Todd Gurley are currently the NFL’s two highest-paid running backs.

Bell’s contract is worth $13.125 million per year, and he got $27 million guaranteed, all of which was fully guaranteed at signing. Gurley’s contract pays him $14.375 million annually, and he got $45 million guaranteed, including $21.95 fully guaranteed at signing.

So the Cowboys are likely offering Elliott between $27 million and $45 million guaranteed, though it’s not clear how much of that money would be fully guaranteed at signing. Guaranteed money, particularly fully guaranteed money at signing, is what matters most in an NFL contract.

But to Thomas' point, 15-20 percent more than Gurley would be $51.75 million to $54 million, if we’re going off Gurley’s $45 million guaranteed money figure.


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