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For over 30 years, Gary Carter continues to excel as one of the nation’s top rated, premier sports handicapper.

Garter Carter  - Sports Handicapper

Over the last 30+ years, Gary Carter, America's Premier Sports Handicapper of Bull's Eye Sports of Texas, has won several graded football handicapped contests, winning over 64% of our premier released rated plays.  I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you that were a part of our 2014 winning season.

I hope you'll climb back on board this month because at that time we will be kicking off our Gold Sports Handicapping Anniversary Season.

That's right, folks, this will be our 30th Season of bringing you the very best NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA and College Basketball handicapped selections in the country!

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 Up right now for this Super Bowl 50, I've got you both the WINNERS in the side and the total!

"Do not miss ' owe it to yourself to be a WINNER"